FAQ About Tiles and Tiling

1. How Do You Calculate the Quantity of Tiles That You Need to Order?

Once the surfaces in question have been measured (length x breadth) we recommend that you increase the amount required by ten to fifteen percent to allow for waste from laying and future repairs.

2. Do Ceramic Tiles Require Maintenance?

nly a minimum of effort is required to keep surfaces in good condition, due to the fact that glazed ceramic tiles are resistant to dirt and not micro-porous. If laid correctly and washed regularly with plain water, a quality floor will maintain over time the appearance and specifications of the product when new.

3. Can Floor Tiles Also be Used for Walls?

Yes, if the correct fixing materials are used.

4. What are ‘Tile Ratings’?

The Porcelain Enamel Institute (P.E.I.) has developed a rating scale that can guide a consumer through the process of choosing the right tile for the wear expectations of the proposed location .

PEI ratings and suggestions for usage are:
  • CLASS 1 – Residential and commercial wall and bare foot traffic.
  • CLASS 2 – Wall and residential bath floor, and soft soled traffic.
  • CLASS 3 – All residential floors and light commercial floors.
  • CLASS 4 – Medium commercial, light industrial and institutional, moderate soiling.
  • CLASS 5 – Extra heavy traffic, abrasive dirt, chemically more resistant
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